Hybrid Fit Coaching

Hybrid Fit coaching gets you back on track with your fitness after or during rehab.

So you’re “done” with physical therapy, but how do you rebuild your fitness? Or if you were recently injured, how do you maintain and even BUILD your fitness as you rehab?

That’s where I can help. As a doctor of physical therapy, strength and conditioning coach, and nutrition coach, I help people like you regain your fitness. Because I have worked as a physical therapist and coach, I can be your guide from start to end.

Pain and injury don’t have to mean that all your hard work is for nothing. Let’s get you back on track.


Returning to the gym needs an intelligent, adaptable approach to get back to your fitness goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Your body deserves the best, especially when you are ramping up after pain or injury. We’ll create a custom plan, adapted to your lifestyle and training needs.


What you do outside of the gym impacts you reaching your fitness goals. Let’s optimize all factors that help you recover to be at your best.

For more information on coaching, email me below and we’ll talk more about how to help you get fit again.

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