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What is Physical Activity vs Exercise?

When I ask people how much they exercise, many say they are “active”. Physical activity is GREAT and maintains a basic level of health. However, to elevate your health and make EVERYTHING in life easier, we need exercise. Both are needed and complement each other! Message me here to setup a FREE consultation to balance…

Is it Safe for Older Adults to Lift Heavy Weights?

A common concern with older adults is injury from using heavy weights. However, older adults ESPECIALLY benefit from weight lifting. Research shows that even adults into their 90’s can safely, gradually begin weight lifting. Message me here to setup a FREE consultation to lift and get strong at any age.

What is Osteoarthritis? And can I still exercise?

Osteoarthritis is common in the older adult and scares many away from exercise. Learn what is osteoarthritis is and how exercise might be actually be exactly what the doctor ordered. To feel strong and live a fuller life, even with osteoarthritis, reach out to me here.

How Often Should I Exercise?

I am often asked “How often should I exercise?”. Well, it depends. First, what type of exercise? Second, what is your exercise experience? And third, how often will you realistically exercise? Message me here to setup a FREE consultation to optimize your exercise routine!


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