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How to Dose Strength Training for Older Adults

With an aging population, we as physios see more and more older adults. However, a common issue is that we under-dose exercise, especially strength training. This issue has become so prevalent that the American Physical Therapy Association’s “Choosing Wisely” campaign recommends “Don’t prescribe under-dosed strength training programs for older adults” (1). In this article we’ll … Continue readingHow to Dose Strength Training for Older Adults

Tendon Neuroplastic Training 101 – A Novel Approach to Tendon Rehab

Patients and physiotherapists alike struggle to manage tendinopathy and its nasty habit of recurrence. Fortunately, the field keeps evolving and here we’ll discuss a novel approach to tendon rehab called “Tendon Neuroplastic Training”, which targets an often overlooked issue in tendinopathy-motor control. But First, What is Tendinopathy? Tendinopathy is a broad term that covers the … Continue reading “Tendon Neuroplastic Training 101 – A Novel Approach to Tendon Rehab”

Improve Recovery and Performance through “Via Negativa”

Weight loss supplements. Muscle building supplements. Home massage tools. There is a tendency in fitness and rehab to want to keep adding more and more interventions to improve recovery and performance. Unfortunately, many of these things, have marginal to zero real benefit (beyond possibly feeling good in the moment). And we often fail to consider … Continue reading “Improve Recovery and Performance through “Via Negativa””


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