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A Strength Training Blueprint for the Aging Athlete

The older athlete can and should strength train, as we’ve discussed here, which begs the question, how to do it? Fortunately, there are evidence based guidelines that form a blue print for strength training in the aging athlete. For older adults, the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) recommends: -2-3 sessions per week -2-3 sets … Continue reading “A Strength Training Blueprint for the Aging Athlete”

3 Myths About Aging Athletes

The terms “aging” and “athlete” almost seem like opposites. Sports and athletics are typically considered to be a young person’s game. Many of the recommendations around exercise for older adults focus on improving basic daily activities and reducing fall risk. This is clearly important for many older adults, however many aging adults still want to … Continue reading “3 Myths About Aging Athletes”

How to Improve Home Exercise Adherence-Use Just the Right Amount of Equipment

One of the most common challenges in physical therapy practice is getting patients to actually do their exercises at home. As I’ve written about previously, we see about a 50% adherence rate to home exercises, despite the low cost and time commitments of most programs.  It is easy for us to dismiss patients as being … Continue reading “How to Improve Home Exercise Adherence-Use Just the Right Amount of Equipment”


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